Achievements of the Organization :

  1. Livelihood projects helped to 890 women Self-Help Groups, which involved in various income generation activities to reduce poverty, and playing active role for gender equality, created assets on women’s name, increased women’s mobility and capacity of adolescents that has increased literacy, reduced dowry, child marriages and gender disparities.


  1. Improved literacy rate in 1200 villages, which helped to reduce school dropouts among tribal communities with focus on rights of the girl children and consciousness on education is enriched among the tribal groups. The impact of educational awareness is helped to prevent tribal peoples’ migration, displacement, indebtedness, and motivated tribal people to come-to-gather to fight against discriminations by investing on young children for bright future.  


  1. Implemented the Bonded Labour System (Abolition) Act in association with various district administrations in South India. We have identified, rescued and rehabilitated over 6500 bonded labourers. As part of survival support, Rs.4,74,48,990 is obtained by the freed bonded labourers as cash-based rehabilitation from government sources.


  1. Rescued bonded labourers received their entitlement rights that includes Aadhaar card, voters card, ration card, job card for 100 days employment under NREGA scheme, house site, housing, formation of self-help groups, school enrolment, bank accounts, community certificates, welfare board membership, Girijan card for collection of minor-forest products collection and active participation in their local self-government for decision making process.


  1. Utilised Forest Rights Act for Scheduled Tribes and attained 2460 acres of land for agricultural development, which helped to improve living conditions, prevention of migration, indebtedness, and increased participation in Panchayat Raj systems by attaining government schemes and entitlement rights for enhancing land-based livelihoods.


  1. Advocacy with policy makers influenced to legislate important laws/policies such as the Forest Rights Act, Prevention of Atrocities Act, Standard Operating Procedures, Bonded Labour Rehabilitation Policy, Early Childhood Care & Education Policy and Rural Development Schemes which are accelerating for the wellbeing of weaker sections of the society.


    • Conducted action oriented research and collected information on social issues, and reporting and documentation of development stories created uniqueness in community empowerment approach which are now becoming as models for best practices for replication.