Aims and Objectives:


  • »» To create awareness among the rural and tribal people on the government welfare schemes, legislations, importance of education, economic, agricultural, environmental and fundamental rights for developing a dignified life.
  • »» To enhance sustainable livelihood opportunities to overcome economic discriminations through formation of self-help groups with women’s leadership and strengthening community empowerment process for gender just society.
  • »» To motivate panchayat raj institutions to reduce poverty, illiteracy, ignorance, displacement and to conserve all natural resources like water, land, forest, and coastal areas towards sustainable resource management.
  • »» To enable the socially, educationally, politically, culturally and economically vulnerable sections of society in order to realise their basic rights with constitutional provisions by helping people to help themselves.
  • »» To improve best opportunities for the adolescents and youth to overcome distress, depression, insecurity, and improve skills to coop with new digital developments.
  • »» To conduct village meetings, periodic lectures, training programs, conferences, seminars, surveys, reports and documentations to benefit underprivileged people and to promote peace and cooperation in the society.
  • »» To develop evidence based information through research, data collection and survey on social issues and using the facts for bringing appropriate policies and legislations.