Welcome to Environment Education :

As part of the Environment Awareness programmes, we have conducted meetings for forest conservation for the Peoples leaders, NGOs, School Students and College Students. FSD has organised three wonderful programmes during the last year period and totally about 600 people attended and understood the need for conservation, tree plantation, issue of climate change and global warming. We have also organised environment awareness programmes for the Higher Secondary Schools located in Karumbur, Melsanakuppam and students of two colleges located in Ambur. During the rainy season we have planted trees in the location of school grounds and supplied many plants to people as free of cost and worked with forest department for the forest and wildlife conservation of Jawadhu Hills and Sathyamangalam areas with our network strategy. According to the Constitutional Provisions under Article 51A(g) – it shall be the duty of every citizen of India to protect and improve the natural environment including forests, lakes, rivers and wild-life and have compassion for living creatures. We need to build capacities of the community and promote participation of the women and children with collective action to challenge climate change along with ecological-based livelihoods development. We believe strongly that practical action will bring sustainable development in the climate change issues. Therefore, we the Foundation for Sustainable Development (FSD) is implementing various activities to protect the environment and conserve the nature resources.