Future Plan

»» Organising tribal communities with women’s leadership in every panchayat and achieving sustainable livelihoods development to make poverty history.

  • »» Developing tribal cadres with leadership qualities for non-stop growth among the adivasi villages to end migration, unemployment, inequality, violence and injustice.
  • »» Training on HELPE – Health, Education, Livelihoods, Protection and Entitlements with government support through enhancing grassroots movement for sustainable social change. 
  • »» Sensitising on the intention of the rights-based legislations and understanding the functions of various departments in enhancing development with inclusive growth.
  • »» Creating sustainable income generation activities for the integrated development of weaker sections with women’s leadership and ownership over entrepreneurship.
  • »» Revitalising traditional medicinal knowledge, tribal culture and promoting indigenous identity such as biodiversity protection, inclusive approach and gender equality values.
  • »» Activating government systems to keep-up accountability for accessing quality public justice system for the poor and vulnerable people.
  • »» Networking for cross learning, stimulating collective development and achieving greater impacts with small investment through skill-oriented development trainings.
  • »» Documenting and sharing of the best practices for replicating to similar areas.