Organization Believes :

Professional Approach: We implement our objectives and activities with high professional proficiency for great results.

Priority to People: We believe that people have a ultimate right to what they need and it is most important that we give high priority to the needs and wants of the target people.

Collaborative Efforts: We believe that collaborative efforts will bring partners together for change. Collective networking will improve efficiency in achieving the target.

Dignity and Respect:  We value each person as an individual, each one has special skills, respect their aspirations, talents and act honorably in our interactions with self-esteem.

Accountability:  We believe that maintaining accountability is important responsibility of every person in the organization and it includes on functions and finance matters.

Transparency: We build culture of transparency that improves values, trust, relationship, mutual cooperation, faith on organization and it enabling healthy environment for successful results with positive outcomes.  

Integrity and Honesty: We act responsibly and maintain high ethical standards in the way we interact with each other, staff, volunteers, donors, government and communities. We commit ourselves that integrity is a foremost value which gives courage and stability in our actions.

Truth alone Triumphs: It is perhaps the most important principle that FSD believes on its leadership. We believe on truthfulness and it is great virtue, truthfulness is a great voice. We developed all our relationship based on the truth and we grow stronger and richer because we believe strongly on truth which gives freedom and self-determination.