Why FSD is Required ?

Emerging issues are major challenge for establishing social justice and ensuring economic development of adivasi communities in the present world. Discrimination, denationalisation, deforestation, digital-media battle, neoliberalisation, growing migration, labour exploitation, unaccountability, gender bias, climate change are major threats for humanity and sustainability. What we need is participatory action with inclusive approach to overcome obstacles and challenges for the sustainable development to the best of future generation with long-term vision.


To achieve this, organisation like FSD is most relevant to run projects to ensure sustainable growth. In fact, we have wonderful laws in our country and best government systems to provide equal opportunity for everyone. But, the problem is lack of inclusiveness and priority to the basic needs, active functions of the systems, attitude in approach, commitment of the officials, participation of citizens, implementation with responsibilities and utility of the public justice systems. It is extremely important that we take participation for proper implementation of legal systems so that the state becomes as ultimate responsible for ensuring “right to development with dignity of all”. This shall be achieved with facilitation process of the FSD organisation.